For a printable brochure that describes our programs, click here
The flavor experts at Stockbridge Farm will come to your site for presentations which include information,
cooking demonstrations, and handouts.

Topics include:

  • Edible Flowers* (See below)
  • Preserving the Bounty
  • Herbal Teas
  • Cooking with Julia Child
  • The Tastes of Autumn
  • Herbs and Honey
  • Lemon Herbs
  • The Tastes of Provence
  • Lemon Herbs
  • Mediterranean Herbs
  • Cooking with:

*Our favorite edible flowers:  basil, borage, calendula, chive, coriander, daylily, johnny-jump-up, lavender, lemon
balm, mint, nasturtium, pansy, violet

Contact us at (413) 665-6918 for all the details and set up an appointment