Stockbridge Herbs has been around for more than thirty years.  We have been creating aromatic and
    culinary herbal products since we began.  We are pleased to bring you our fine collection of products and
    gifts which feature lavender and herbs.

  • RUBY BASIL VINEGAR--Savor this jewel of the earth made from white balsamic vinegar infused with
        organic ruby red basil grown at Stockbridge Farm.     8 ounces   $8.00 each.

  • HERBES DE PROVENCE—Our own blend of fragrant herbs for use in all types of savory recipes.
        1.5 ounce jar.   $5.00 each

  • CULINARY LAVENDER--Pure English lavender flowers which have been triple sifted for culinary use.
         .75 ounce jar.   $5.00 each

  • LAVENDER SACHET--An organza bag filled with fragrant lavender buds.  Great for tucking into a
         drawer.   $5.00 each

  • DRYER FRESH--A vial of lavender essential oil and a terry cloth dryer cloth to create your own fragrant
    dryer sheet.  Just toss the scented cloth into the dryer with wet laundry.   $8.00 each

  • CLOSET FRESH--Three muslin bags filled with cedar, balsam, lavender and black pepper deigned to
    discourage unwanted visitors from your closet.  $8.00

  • LAVENDER SPRITZER--A four ounce pump spray bottle filled with lavender water to use as a room or linen
    spray, or a light body scent. $8.00 each

  • LAVENDER EYE PILLOW--A hand-painted cotton batik pillow filled with flax seed, lavender and mint to
    help sooth tired eyes and busy minds.  $14.00 each

  • ROAD RAGE REDUCER--A soothing lavender sachet to place in your car designed to help you make this
    world a better place.  $6.00 each

  • LAVENDER BUDS--Lavender flowers fragrant with their own natural oils sold in bulk for your use.

       One-quarter pound bag      $ 8.00      One-half pound bag      $14.00      One full pound bag      $25.00


Our four signature herbal dip and seasoning mixes.  $5.00 each
        Choose from LeGrand Fromage, It's a Dilly,
        Outrageous Onion and Peppercorn Garlic

Gift Sets and baskets are also available in limited quantities.  
We are also happy to put together your favorite products for an individualized gift presentation.  
Please inquire.

    To order, call Stockbridge Herbs at 413-665-6918 or email us at